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UPDATE: June 28, 2011

I am so excited! I wrote a few days ago that the "What Saith The Scripture?" TV Program is going back on the air on TV here in Orange County, California. I want to give you all of the available details. The "What Saith The Scripture?" TV Program will begin JULY 3, 2011, and every Sunday at 3:30 PM and 3:30 AM.

If you have Time Warner Cable, you can watch the program on the following stations and cities:

Time Warner Channel 95: Buena Park Fullerton Placentia Santa Ana Time Warner Channel

97: Anaheim Anaheim Hills Villa Park

Time Warner Channel 98: Brea La Habra La Habra Heights Yorba Linda

We will be starting the entire Book of Revelation Series from the BEGINNING. So if you have not seen the beginning, this is your opportunity. Thank you again, and I am desiring your continued prayers for this opportunity! Harley Howard


Below is a link to all of the available current videos from the verse by verse study in The Book of Revelation that I have posted. There are eight videos at this time. I will continue to add to them. Click the Bible below.

Be advised: if you have a slow computer,
you will have to
let the videos load a bit first ... They can be SLOW!

We are now broadcasting live TV on

June 28, 2011 - The LIVE Broadcast (archived) of the study in
The Book of Revelation Chapter 3.

To view all available videos from The Books of Revelation and Isaiah
go to the following link on
at the FOTBC Television Network

The Third TV Segment about my story of Sleep Apnea is uploaded!
Click the banner to watch the Program

Discovery Health Channel - Mystery ER

The Gospel of Luke and Book of Psalms is Complete

There are "624" audio messages and 72 Video messages available in our video and weekly messages section available for you to listen or to download - free of any charges.

The Book of Revelation is now being taught in the Sunday AM and PM services. Isaiah is taught on Wednesday nights.

These series will not be available on the web page, but to
those who will attend the Church services only, or those
who will financially support the work of ministry here at FOTBC.

Write to:

PO Box 9162
Fountain Valley, CA 92728


Email letters from our Isaiah and Revelation Series so far...

From Idaho...
I'm so loving the Isaiah series; what sanity I hear in the clear preaching, it's a near dead art and well it's just simply medicine to my thirsty soul. Keep up the work, and keep healthy so you can finish the work.

You matter
love John

From Austrailia...
To Pastor Harley Howard: .... I'm really listening and learning from the Spirit, etc...on your REV& ISA. SERIES...

Brother G. Stark

It's not too late for you to start these books with us...

This video, as comical as it is suosed to be, is very serious and real
of MOST professing churches and so-called believers today.
The question is, does this video describe YOU?



This video described the "Jesus" of MOST so-called Christians.
There is no doubt in my mind and experience that the high
majority of Christians I have met in over 30 years are of this type.
The question is, does this video describe YOU?



MORE colossial nonsense that defies any Biblical sense or reason. This "JUNK" and foolishness is being blamed on the Holy Spirit. I call it Blasphemy against Him and His great divine work. This is outrageous!


Here is even more colossal nonsense that I warned you about
and yet, where is the outrage? So many people think this is just
fine to be going on in the so-called church. This is nothing but
the lust of the flesh; plain and simple, and has nothing to do with the purpose of the true church, but is idolatry and wickedness.


This is the Spiritual NONSENSE that I have warned you all about
that goes on in the so-called church.

This "flesh feast" happened at a so-called "Praise Party"
with Kirk Franklin at the so-called
Faithful Central Church in Los Angeles. This is nothing but an
abomination! This is the nonsense that so many of you have
chosen to replace Biblical exposition. When you reject the truth
you are not dormant - You will go to FLESH every time, and THIS
is nothing but filthy flesh. And you would dare criticize me for
calling many in the so-called the church stupid?


The following video is an 1985 interview with Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov. Although it was recorded in 1985 it retains relevance today as we see our current situation in this country, including and especially the most recent elections. Watch the video and listen to what he says. Take especial note of what he says will happen to the ideological leftists in this country, but listen for yourself and take heed! This is the COMPLETE Yuri Bezmenov interview (1:21 Mins). You need to take some quality and undisturbed time to listen to what this man said.

Here is a second video of a lecture he gave many years ago...

And, by the way, didn't I WARN all of you of these very things that are happening right in front of our eyes before the election? No one listened to me. Do you now believe?


I was astonished to watch this video and the reminder that we are in the same place today
as a nation. In fact, it is so accurate that the things President Regan taught are right
in front of our eyes, if we have the courage to see it!


Powerful and true...That's All I have to say about this video.


Tabitha, Miriam, DaWanda and Harley!

Miriam, Harley and Tabitha
May 6, 2009

It was a wonderful day to have both daughters home!


Harley and DaWanda - 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary!
May 5, 2009 - How the years have flown by!!



Starting January 1, 2009, Public Access will be greatly curtailed or gone altogether.
This is the result of the Cable Companies and NOT US!

I have had the privilege of broadcasting on TV for close to 6 years and I am sad of
heart to see many of the stations that we have broadcasted on, to end Public Access.

You need to contact your cable provider and ask them what they plan to do with
Public Access in your area. Unfortunately, we will be losing most of the stations
that we are on, so keep coming back here for updates.

I have decided that we will have
a continued TV presence on our web site, in addition to the comittment to have
100 video and 500 audio messages available on our web site.

As we get to know what these stations plan to do with
Public Access, I will keep you notified.

Dr. Harley Howard



Here is the latest ebook - The Epistle of Paul
to The Romans - Justification by Faith!

The Epistle of Paul to The Romans - The Romans Commentary examines
the great and life changing teaching of Justification by Faith.
Undoubtedly, the Epistle of Paul to the Romans is one of the greatest
studies that any church or individual could ever embark upon.

The Romans Commentary examines the following truths,

(a)The righteousness of God
(b)The wickedness of mankind
(c)The gospel of God and His plan of salvation for mankind
(d)The doctrine of justification by faith in Christ Jesus alone
(e)The doctrine of positional righteousness to practical righteousness.

There are many other subject that are examined in this great epistle. (414 Pages)

Just click the book above for information!

The following Bible commentaries are now available in ebook form:

The Epistle of Paul to The Romans - Justification by Faith!
The Book of Exodus - Israel Leave Egypt!
The Book of Leviticus,
Book of Job,
The Book of Joshua,
The Book of Ruth,
The Book of Acts,
The Epistle of Paul to Galatians,
The First Epistle of Paul to Timothy,
The Second Eitle of Paul to Timothy,
The Epistle of Paul to Titus,
1& 2 Timothy and Titus combination

The Epistle to The Hebrews,

For additional information on all thirteen available ebooks
click HERE.


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Brand New TV Station

The City of Gardena
Time Warner Cable Channel 6
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 PM
Covering: El Segundo, Hawthorne, Lawndale, and Gardena


We also have on the "Sleep for Life" page the TV programs;

Discovery Channel - Mystery Diagnosis
PBS - Second Opinion

Both of these TV Programs chronicles my life with Sleep Apnea
and the treatment I have received. I strongly URGE all of you to watch these two programs. They could literally save your life!


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