Dr. Howard,

I just want to thank you again for directing me to your website. I am not usually technology challenged but for some reason I could not find the study on Leviticus.

The other reason I am writing you is to thank you for your message. I have just started my studies of Leviticus and I find the Bible being opened in a brand new way. I am grateful for your years of study and dedication to teaching and proclaiming the message that God has for all mankind. I was convicted to share this message with you due to the overwhelming joy and happiness it brings me to study Gods word. I felt it was important that I tell you that the words God put in your heart and mind has touched someone who is striving toward the goal!

Thanks again and I hope to be able to take more classes from you in the future.
Until I have another praise or question.

In His Service,
Jonathan L. Raymond


Dear Brother Howard:

I just obtained your e-mail address. I recently took your course on Job through Andersonville Theological Seminary for my Masters Degree in Pastoral Theology. I have just finished the Masters Degree and will shortly begin the Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Theology at Andersonville Seminary. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your course on Job. You made it very understandable and applicable to today's world!

In Christ,

Bill Jordan