I am taking a class from Andersonville Theological Seminary on The Book of Acts and the kind Dr. made it abundantly clear that if his students would seek him (God) with all their hearts they would find him. He is a great teacher and since I pastor a small church, I appreaciate his comments about the validity of the small church. I am only in my fifth year as a pastor and as the pastor of this church and I quit going to the SBC events because the "Full Time" pastor's distain the Bivocational tent maker guys. It is really weird to me how anyone could ever say that a pastor is "Bivocational" when it is their only occupation. I work some secular part time jobs to support my family while I serve in the ministry that God has appointed unto me. In my minds eye and in the opinion of the members of our church I am not a part time pastor. Thanks again for the great teaccing it is a blessing and an encouragement.

Pastor Ray k Proseus
Bothell, Washington