I was a student at Andersonville Baptist Seminary (now Andersonville Theological Seminary) and took a class under Dr. Howard. His teachings have been a great help to me.

Thomas R. Gregory
Suffolk, VA


Dear Dr. Howard,

I am very excited about being a student of yours through ABS. I am currently studying your course on JOB as part of my doctoral studies in Pastoral Counseling. Your course has truly been enlightening for me. Your perspectives are real and simple, like the God you would have us understand. Thank you for your zeal in ensuring the holiness of the church today and the blessings God promises his saints for righteous obedience. My personal relationship with God has been enhanced by the wisdom and commitment you have shared. May God continue to bless you in your service to his creation.

Felicia Crawley
Sterling, VA



I am currently enrolled in the Andersonville Baptist Seminary and have just completed your course of Exodus. In way of a compliment I will say that I am actually looking forward to Leviticus. Thank you for your palatable presentation of the Scriptures and your candid opinions.

In His Grace,

Edward Preston
Mechanicsville, Virginia


We are currently enrolled at Andersonville Baptist Seminary. We are working on your course in the study of Job. Thank you for the enthusiasm with which you presented this study. We've never appreciated Job as much as we should have. I've already has opportunity to share some of the truths expressed in this course to my sunday school class with someone who was faced with witnessing to a grieving sister and perhaps saved someone the burden of a "worthless physician". I must admit, I did not have a correct interpretation of much in the book of Job before. My husband is the one studying to be a pastor and though I spend time in God's word, I neglect using commentaries and other helps provided christians in our day in interpreting some of the more complex truths of the Bible. My husband is not as guilty in that regard as I and doesn't misinterpret things as often. May God bless your ministry as you train the future pastors to rightly divide the word of truth.

Newport News, Virginia

I am always listening and reading things from John MacArthur. I love expositional preaching. I accidentally found out about this website by searching for expositional preaching on the web. I have really enjoyed this site, since I found it. I agree with Dr. Howard on everything I have read and heard from him so far. Keep up the good work and I will be praying for you.

Emporia, Va.