Currently I am a student with ABS and studyin at this time the Book of Exodus by Dr. Howard. Brother, you have being a blessing and I have learn much during this course. Thank God for man like you.

God bless!!!

Brother Jose Phil. 4:13
Killeen, Texas


I am a student at Andersonville Baptist Seminary. I am working on my Doctorate Of Theology. I have earned my Doctorate of Ministry. I have taken several of Dr. Howard's Courses and have enjoyed them very very much. I am looking forward using this site. Thank you for your dedication to the Lord.

Yours in His Service,

Harry McDaniel - John 3:30
Devers, Texas


Dear Dr. Howard,

I first heard of you when my husband and I lived in San Francisco,CA by way of your Broadcast. I now have had the Blessed Privilege of taking one of your courses through ABS. I just finished the Survey on the Epistile of James and must tell you that I enjoyed it immensely. "Praise The Lord" I am also studying the book of Hebrews that you teach. May God continue to bless you and Sister Howard and family. I enjoyed her works that are on your website. It's refreshing to here good news and encouragment from another Pastor's wife. I truly hope she does more.

Shalom, H.Faye Cason


Dear Dr. Howard Greetings!

I am currently enrolled in ABS distance learning program, and I now taking my Exodus class from you sir. I am associate pastor of Christ the Good the Sherherd Baptist Church in McAllen, Texas and a missionary in Guam, General Baptist Church. Thank you for your great and indepth lecture on the tape. I am learning and sharing your lectures in our Friday Bible Study. Thanks... in Prayers to your minsitry.

Sergio Bautista
Donna, Texas


Dr. Howard,

I want to thank you so much for the information I gained from taking the course, Survey of the Book of Leviticus, which you taught as part of my ministry degree at Andersonville. I thoroughly enjoyed each tape and want to thank you so much for your boldness in your preaching/teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The whole time I was listening to the tapes and taking in notes in preparation for the final, I felt like I was attending a worship service. What a blessing it would be to sit under you as a pastor. I am in the process of maintaining my degree in ministry, as I am serving as a Children's Minister at FBC-Hewitt. I have already learned so much that will help me in my service as a minister. I hope and pray that you will be teaching other courses that I will be taking. I trust you had a great Christ's Day (Christmas) and my prayer is that you and your family will have a blessed New Year! Thanks Again and God Bless your ministry!

In His Grip,

S. Malone
Hewitt, TX


Hello Dr. Howard,

I'm currently enrolled at the Andersonville Theological Seminary. This is just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate your biblical instructions. Thus far you have been my instructor in the study of The Survey of Hebrews, Exodus and Leviticus. Your seriousness rings loud and clear. I really want to thank you for being the kind of preacher/teacher you are. One who advocates and teaches the whole bible concept. I concur with your lectures regarding the condition of today's church. I hope that you will be my instructor in other courses there at the seminary. Once again thanks a lot and May the Lord continue to bless you, your family, the church body and all of the staff at ATS.

D.M. Johnson
Dallas, Texas


I am a student of Andersonville Theological Seminary. I am studying by correspondence and am in the middle of the Survey of Leviticus study with Dr. Harley Howard, on tape. This has been a great study, and I have learned so much. Dr. Howard is a wonderful teacher. I want to thank Dr. Howard, and Andersonville Seminary for giving me this great opportunity to work toward my seminary degree.

Lee Tenery
Kerrville Texas 78028