I just wanted to tell Dr. Howard what a blessing his teaching has been to me and to encourage him in this work. He has given me a renewed joy in studying the bible and has made me hungry for the Word. Thank You Dr. Howard for obeying the Lord. (From the ABS courses in Leviticus and Hebrews by Dr. Howard).

Todd Moses
Knoxville, TN

I started Dr. Howard's course on Exodus today, through Andersonville. I enjoyed my first session and came to the website because it was mentioned in the syllabus and on the tapes. I'm looking forward to learning more through this and the other courses that I have, but I also wanted to say something else. I just looked at Dr. Howard's study on Romans, and in particular Romans 7. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am at seeing the truth of what was there. God began revealing the same thought pattern to me a few months ago - and here I find another brother who believes the Bible teaches similarly. I also believe that ch.7 has been used as an excuse for sin for far too long and God's people need to GROW UP - take responsibility - and serve Him with all we have! Stop looking for excuses! Well, I'd better stop typing before I begin to preach! I pastor a small Baptist church in Rockwood, TN and look forward to more teaching from Dr. Howard on this site and through my studies at ABS.

In Christ,

Michael Beach
Oliver Springs, TN


Dr. Howard,

I wanted to write and tell you that I just finished your Survey of Leviticus through Andersonville Baptist Seminary. I found it to be very informative and I always enjoy studying the Word of God. Thanks for all
you do.

Brother Derrick Jowers, Pastor
Crossroads Missionary Baptist Church
Camden Tennessee 38320


I am currently enrolled at Andersonville Theological Seminary. I have been studying the book of Leviticus, and I must say that I'm thoroughly enjoying Dr. Howards commentary. Dr. Howard's bold, uncompromising lecture delivery is very effective, and I want to encourage him to continue on. Young preachers, such as myself, need the direction of knowledgeable, bold speakers and teachers - such as Dr. Howard. Thanks for your contribution to Andersonville's program. I'm looking forward to other lectures and materials you have to offer.

Patrick Phillips
Tullahoma, TN


Dr. Howard,

I just completed my first course with you and ABS, Acts I. Your thorough knowledge and compassion for the truth blessed my bones. I look forward to the next course with you. I'm excited about learning as you help to bring the word of God alive on tape. Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless you richly.

In His Will,

Herbert Banks
Memphis, TN


I had the wonderful experience studing the book of Exodus from your tapes. I have just finished my Bachelor Program in Theology and ready to start my Masters. As I finish the Masters I will go for the Doctors Degree. I wish it was possible for me to take all my studies from you. At least I will take all that I can. I like your style as well as your beliefs. Since we seem to agree so much on Theology, it is a pleasure to follow your teaching.

Until Jesus Comes,

Rev. Louis Rideout
Tullahoma, Tennessee


Dr. Howard,

My name is Derrick Jowers. I an a Baptist Minister in West Tennessee. I want to comment on your survey of Exodus that I have just finished through Andersonville Baptist Seminary. It was great. I enjoyed every moment of the study and I look forward to more of your courses. Please pray for us and we will for you.

God Bless,

Derrick Jowers
Camden, Tennessee


Dr. Howard,

I just finished your study on the book of Hebrews and I enjoyed it very much. I felt compelled to let you know that I really appreciate your bold stand for the Lord, I believe that all men of God should take the same stand for what's right. again I want to say that I enjoyed studying with you so much that I feel like I know you. I'm a student of ABS, a (new student) and I'm enjoying it very much. I have already put my studies to work in the church. Thank you very much for what you are doing, or better, what you are allowing God to do through you. May God continue to bless you and all that you do.

Matthew Tate
Jackson TN


Dennis Armes
Wartburg, TN