Greetings Dr. Howard,

My studies are going very well and I am especially enjoying your lectures (Hebrews, Joshua, Exodus so far). I can tell you that your "whole Bible" concept is absolutely right and I've found a renewed and wonderful sense of joy and awe in studying scripture from both old and new testaments. I feel a God driven call to prepare for ministry and biblical counseling. I just wanted to let you know that your ministry is a blessing and of great instruction to me as I prepare for His work. May God bless you, your ministry, and your beautiful family.

J. Butler
Oklahoma city, OK


I found your web page address in the lesson JOB, that I am presently working on through Andersonville Theological Seminary. I am working towards a Masters of Divinity Degree with a concentration in Licensed Christian Counseling. I am in a dual program and will follow my M. Div. with studies for a Doctorate in Christian Counseling and will become Board Certified in either the Marital Counseling track or the Addictions/substance abuse track. I haven't decided yet and I have some time to do so. You have a wonderful, rich site. You obviously have a very deep understanding of God's word, and you express that knowledge in a very lucid way. My wife heard me listening to Tape 1 and informed me that she wanted to listen to it next. She has never done that before. Again, thank you for your fine efforts and the free commentary.

Rev. Phillip Adams
Lighthouse Christian Ministries


Dr. Howard,

I took your course on Job through Andersonville Baptist Seminary. Thank you for a course well done. You can tell when someone does something because they love themselves and when someone does something because they love the Lord and I truly believe that the latter is the case with you. I'm always reluctant to laud too much praise upon someone because I know what a battle pride can be, but please endure just a couple of thoughts. First, I appreciate the obvious amount of thought you put into all that you do, it makes a difference. Second, I feel a real pride when I read your works such as the article in the Pulpit Helps. Even then I could tell that it was about what was on Dr. Howard's heart and not about Dr. Howard. Lord Bless I'll be purchasing some of your works in the future.

Dr. Thomas R. Steele
Prague, OK