I'm taking courses at ABS Dr. Howard has some great stuff. I'm currently studying the book of Hebrews and I love his frank, in your face, preaching of the message of the Gospel. There is no other choice than salvation through Jesus Christ, the creator of heaven and earth, the power that holds all things together. What greater gift than Salvation, what less can I return than my life. Preach IT Brother, and AMEN.

Pastor Bruce Balduf

Calvary Baptist Church
Batavia, NY


I am enrolled in a masters degree program at Andersonville Baptist Seminary and have had Dr. Howard as a professor in the past. You all are blessed of the Lord to have this man as your pastor.

Farmersville Station, New York


I was directed to your website through a course study through Andersonville Theological Seminary. It is an impressive website which offers a lot of bible helps and studies.


Rev. Jerry Miller
Albany, New York


Dr. Howard

I am a student of Andersonville Baptist Seminary. I am currently studying your course on the Book of James. I have completed a couple of the courses you teach at the seminary, but I have found James to be the most inspiring. I am just starting my formal seminary education with the Associates Degree Program. I am planning on completing that by years end and continuing for my Bachelor Degree in Ministry. I was raised by Christian parents in the Roman Cathlolic Church. Although they taught me right from wrong, I did not know my Bible. I joined a local Baptist Church and God has been moving in my life for years. I wanted you to know that your long hours of study and desire to teach and spread the Holy Word of God have truly helped me in my studies. Your NO NONSENSE approach does not sidestep or "sugar coat" the truth about the Christian faith or the love that our Lord has for us if we simply ask. I look forward to continuing my studies in the courses that you and the other instructors at Andersonville.

May God hold you and your family close in the palm of his loving hand.

David D. Sullivan
Elmira, NY


Dr. Howard,

Greetings in Christ and congratulations on a truly wonderful web-site. I am currently working on my M.Div at Andersonville and enjoying your course on Job at the moment. You notes found herein on the study of Job have been invaluable to me - allowing me to spend more energy on listening to all you have to say instead of frantically taking notes! What a blessing and what an opportunity! As someone, myself, who is working in the area of counseling and actually getting my M.Div so that I might better know God's word in my counseling ministry, I agree holeheartedly about Job being a strong application for teaching in my chosen field. I wish you all the best and look forward to future studies with you through ABS.

God bless you and your ministry!

Michael A. Emmart
Dryden, NY



I am a graduate of ABS and Dr. Howard was one of my favorite professors. I will enjoy continued study of pastor Howard's works.
God bless,

Pastor Rick English
Buffalo N Y