Dr. Howard,

I am a correspondence student of ABS and I just finished the course in Exodus. I really enjoyed it. I am now going through Leviticus and look forward to learning more of the O.T. I appreciate your stand and the work you put into your teaching. God bless, hope to hear from you.

Ivan Yoder
Lansing, Mi


Dr. Harley,

Currently, I am studying your tapes on the Book of Job for a degree from ABS. I am encouraged by my understanding of the book, and its potential immeasurable value in my ministry here in Ann Arbor. I share much of your philosophy of ministry, and perhaps this course and you, as the teacher, are providential. What a wonderful approach to teaching God's Word. The information has been well received, but the transformation has been received even more; I am priiledged and honored to sit at your feet. Thank you for the clarity of your teaching, and subsequently the ease my understanding.

Yours in Christ,

Charles Slay
Ann Arbor, MI