Dr. Howard,

I have recently finished the course in the Survey of Exodus. I am a student at ABS, and have recently returned from Iraq, and Kuwait. As a preacher/teacher/evangelist, and most strivingly of all a servant of the Lord, I regretfully share with you how I am grieved at the widespread presence of apostasy. So when I listen and meditate on the lectures you have shared through the Spirit of God, I am encouraged and refreshed in my spirit that there is still a seminary, church, and servant of Christ that is holding fast to the, "whole counsel of God." In a culture of such, "watered down", theology, I am examining myself in light of the pure debauchery, and insanity that has filtered into our congreagtions. The only real peace that I find is in the Scriptures after studying Paul's advanced warning to young Timoty while he was stationed at Ephesus. Certainly God's foreknowledge of the condition of the hearts of His bride in the, "last days", does not excuse away or justify the actions of a stiff-necked people. But at the same time, I am somewhat at ease to know that nothing catches our God, "off guard", and even though we have personified the condition spoken of by Paul in II Tim. 3 and 4, I am reminded that HE alone is still in charge of this univierse. Therefore, taking all of this into consideration and adding it to the blessing of receiving such a fine education from ABS, I thank you Dr. Howard for your committment to, "rightly dividing", the Word of God. and look foward to more studies through the precious Word of God. I pray that our soon coming Lord will anoint you, and give you an Holy unction in studying, and preaching His Word. PRESS ON!!

Anticipating His Advent,

Randy Smith Freedom In Christ Ministries
DeRidder, LA