I am taking courses at ABS. I am working toward a Master's degree. I am pastor at Tomahawk Baptist Mission at Tomahawk Ky. We are a small new church. We have mostly children and new believers. I am trying to get them grounded in the Bible and not experiences. We have a lot of Charasmatic influence around us and a lot of very poor theology based on experience and what daddy did" and not on the word of God plainly says. I am 44 years old and this is my first pastorate. I am bi-vocational. I am Postmaster at Inez Ky. I need your prayers. I have been a Bible teacher in Sunday School, Discipleship Training, Vacation Bible School, Mission Bible Schools and at jail and prisons all of my adult life. I really enjoyed Dr. Howard's course on Hebrews. He has inspired me especially in Chapter 10 to preach against sin and laziness in the church.

In Christ,

Pastor Jack Ward
Inez, Ky



I have recently enrolled in extension courses through the Andersonville Theological Seminary and am taking Dr. Howard's Survey of Leviticus. The taped lectures are so interesting, I decided to check out Dr. Howard's website and online commentary. Dr. Howard's notes on Leviticus are extremely helpful--he is making this Old Testament book relevent and exciting! I have long loved reading from the Old Testament and agree with Dr. Howard's belief that the Christian cannot properly understand New Testament writings outside of a proper understanding of Old Testament teachings. I am enjoying Dr. Howard's writings and teachings and will recommend him to my Christian friends!

God's blessings,

Michael Blunk
Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Howard,

I have just started taking courses through Andersonville Seminary, I have started the course on the book of Leviticus, because I know very little about the old testament. I have just listened to the first tape, and I am overjoyed how well you are explaining this book. I felt the need to pass this information on to you.

Thank You, and God Bless You in your ministry.

Lee Wireman
South Shore, Kentucky


Dr. Howard,

I am currently listening to your tapes on the Book of Job through ABS. I am enjoying your comments and am getting a better view of How the Book of Job in the Old Testament can apply to my daily Christian walk. Thanks for providing additional information on the Web.

Paul R. Spangler
Middlesboro, Ky