Brother Harley,

I just wanted to thank you for your class on Job. I am a student of ABS and just finished that study and was really blessed by that study. I am currently the associate pastor at Liberty Baptist here in St. Petersburg. I would also like to inform you that in the last week I have used what I was able to learn in your class on Job to help three other people see things in their own life. So again I would like to thank you and encourage you to keep on keeping on for the Lord.

In His Service,

Ralph Wilson John 15:16
St. Petersburg, FL


I am currently a student of Andersonville Bible College. I am taking courses from Dr. Howard. I am very blessed to have him as a instructor. I find his voice and method of teaching very understanding in the taped lectures. His love for our Lord Jesus is manifested in his teaching. I am a retired Fl. State Trooper with 28 years in Law Enforcement. I currently teach at a community college. I design programs in the area of human behavior and survival. I was saved when I was 12 years old. Through the years I sort of fouled things up trying to depend on myself. Through the grace and mercy of our Lord, I am sold out to Jesus now. I know He is my strength and shield. I am also a lay preacher. My ministry is in public speaking. I am often invited to speak at churches and functions as the Lord provides. I am striving to be sensitive to the Sweet Holy Spirit and go where He leads. I one day want to personnally meet this mighty man of valor and precious brother in Christ, Dr. Howard.

God Bless,

Tallahassee, FL


I am a student of ABS. Just wanted to say thank you for opening the Book of Hebrews is a powerful way. Last night I wept my way through Chapter 10. Also I am a Church Planter for the Sourthern Baptist Conv. Please remember us in your prayers and we serve our LORD on the front lines. The people we try to reach are the ones who have never heard the Good News. Once again thank you and I look forward to taking a few more classes from Dr. Howard.

In His Service,

Pastor Gary Ralls
Beverly Hills Florida


I came on your web site by a link on another christian site (I can't remember which one). I just want to say your article on inviting unbelievers in the church was great. I could not agree more with your teaching. Being a pastor it always amazes me how the church got in the condition she has. Pack-a-pew, Friend Day, and all the rest are diametrically opposite of the Word of God. It's strange to me how many believers react in a negative way when you try and teach this. Keep up the great

Mark Glodfelter,
Pensacola, FL


Dr. Howard,

Of all the courses I have taken so far, yours are by far the best. You are thorough, yet concise, and you explain every detail very clearly. I see your love for God in every word you speak.

Thanks and God bless you!

T. Koester Ex. 14:14
Fort Lauderdale, FL


I am a student at Andersonville Baptist, and have recently completed Dr Howards course on Joshua. it was excellent, and I have used some of his commentaries as well.

God bless,

Deerfield Bch., Fla.


I have had the blessing of having Dr. Howard as my teacher for various courses that I have taken at Andersonville Baptist Seminary. I am working currently on the Survey of the book of Job which is taught by Dr. Howard. He is an excellent teacher and I thoroughly enjoy listening and learning about God's Word through his wisdom and experience. He is an anointed teacher and most certainly an excellent preacher. May God continue to bless him richly in his ministry.

Rev. A. Regan
Pensacola, Florida


I am truly enjoying your lectures on Acts I and II. I have been so blessed by your "to the point" attitude. God bless your ministry. I am looking forward to your commentary on the Book or Romans. Please send me copies of the papers on church tolerance and pluralism.

Thank You,

Rev. Shawn Johnson
Live Oak, Florida


Hello Dr. Howard,

I just would like to tell you that this is my first time visiting your WEB SITE, WOW. An amazing library of Biblical study materials I can't wait to tell others about it, I am sure they will be impressed.I am enrolled at Andersonville Baptist Seminary and just now completed the Esther/Ruth course taught by you.That is where I found the e-mail address and decieded to stop by.I truly enjoyed the study of Esther/Ruth under your teaching, I know I have truly grown more as a Christian after this study and was truly impressed with the Spiritual, and practicle applications you have brought to my attention through these two Old Testament Books.Thank you Dr. Howard for a wonderful experience in studying God's Word.

God Bless You,

Bro. J.L. Hyman
Milton,FL. 32570


Attending ABS right now. You have been one of the most enjoyable and learned teachers so far. Appreciate your stand on preaching "the whole Bible."

God bless you,

Charles Reesman
Pensacola Florida


Dr. Howard,

I am a pastor at the Ensley Alliance Church in Pensacola, Fl. and a student enrolled at ATS working on my I am presently listening to your lectures on the book of Job. Even though I have studied through this book when I was enrolled at Liberty Bible Istitute a number of years ago, I find myself sensing a renewal of careful opinion when counseling others. I believe I feel as strongly as you do about the kind of counsel that is given by people who are simply shooting from the hip with faulty information. Job's friends certainly confirm that. I am greatful for your lecture and will be visting your Web-Page from time to time. May God continue to bless you in your ministry!

Doug Roth
Pensacola, Fl.


I am enrolled in the course on Job through Andersonville Theological Seminary (Doctorate program). It is, without a doubt, the best exposition on Job I have ever heard or read. I am following along with the commentary on your web site and find it to be a great help as well as a tremendous blessing. Thank you for taking the time, not only to develop this outstanding commentary, to share your knowledge with others. May God bless you richly for your dedication to Him.

Doug Cummings
Jacksonvlle, Fl.


Dr. Howard,

I am studying at Andersonville Theological Seminary and finished your lesson on Hebrews and am currently working on Leviticus. I thoroughly enjoyed Hebrews and Leviticus is just as instructive. I agree wholeheartedly with your whole Bible teaching philosophy. I think the reason our young people today are so easily caught up in postmodern relativism is because they have not been taught the whole Bible. They don't have a sensible understanding of scripture, so they have an incomplete understanding of God. Therefore, they don't live lives of holiness/living sacrifices to God. In such a dark time in history, what a responsibility and privilege for God to use us for such a time as this! Our students, and whole country for that matter, need preachers that stand firmly on scripture and preach the whole Bible without excuse or apology. As a minister to students, I am taking your challenge to teach the whole Bible to heart and pray that God will use me and give me the strength to meet that challenge of whole Bible exposition.

Thank you for your thorough exposition of God's word and for taking a solid stand to preach His word.

May God bless you, your family and your ministry is my prayer!
In His grip!!!
Rev. Jonathan D. Pearson
Minister of Middle School Students
FBC of Oviedo, FL



Brother Howard,

I am 41 years old and been preaching the gospel for twelve years. Brother Howard, I praise The Lord for you and your clear cut teaching in the first part of Acts and look forward to the second part. My spirit" revived" when I looked at the wagon of wealth that the Word of God through His Spirit revealed to me {Gen.45:27}.

May the Lord keep you strong is my prayer,

Brother Robert
Century Fl