I heard about your web page through your course on the Book of Hebrews at Andersonville Baptist Seminary. I am in the Theology program for a Bachelor's degree and I am presently working on my final course for completion of the Theology degree. I saved the survey of Hebrews for last and I am enjoying it immensely. I've been reading John MacArthur's book on Hebrews along with your course and I must say that in comparison to MacArthur's work, your course is commendable. I did not realize until today that you had a Book study on Hebrews that I can follow along as I listen to the course. However, I much rather take notes, it helps me to retain it better. I look forward to taking a couple of your courses in
the Masters program.

God bless you,

Merle Jett.
Fort Smith, AR


I heard about your web site by taking some sourses at Andersonville Baptist Seminary (Survey of Hebrews). I love the way Dr. Howard teaches the bible. I also love your web site.


Ron Faught
Cave City, AR


I am student at ABS and I heard about your web site through Dr. Howard in his course of James. This is a great web site with great information. Thanks to Dr. Howard for sharing his God given talent and his great insight into God's Word.


John Mark Little
Hackett, Arkansas


Greetings Dr. Howard,

I am one of the students at ABS. I am currently studying your James course and I am encouraged with it thus far. The Lord has truly gifted you in the area of teaching. I am looking forward to taking more of your classes.

In His Service,

Cliff VanNostrand
St. Joe, AR